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Emma's room

Ottawa, ON K2P 1R1

Private room with shared bathroom
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
$765 per month
Not included
Property type
Room furnishing
Preferred gender
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Stay length
Minimum 12 months

About the room

A beautiful, spacious 3 bedroom apartment in the heart of Centretown, includes in unit laundry. Located in a heritage building close to restaurants, stores, and government buildings.

Utilities (including internet) come to: $50-$60 per person monthly

About the roomies

I’m a Parliament Hill staffer looking for two new roommates (one as of October 1st, another as of December 1st).

I am a non-smoker, non-partier who enjoys a good board game or worship night with friends.

I’m in search of a female roommate who also doesn’t smoke or party, has a steady job and values clean common spaces.

Bonus points for a Christian roommate :)

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