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Photo of Kristine


20 years · Female · Student


I'm gonna study soon and are looking for a place and I am also looking for a female roomate, pls feel free to message me 🫶🏼

Roommate looking in: Toronto, ON & Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Harold's room

Richmond Road, Ottawa, ON

Furnished room in an apartment

$650 inc.

[NOTE: the room is available from April 1st 2024 onwards] Heya! I'm renting out my spare room for $650, all included. Note that half of the living room is kind of a "gym area" were I shoot my bow, swing my swords and very slowly learn to do handstands or whatever other silly thing I feel like doi...

Room near: Whitehaven - Queensway Terrace North Glabar Park, Ottawa, ON, Queensway Terrace North, Ottawa, ON, Whitehaven - Queensway Terrace North Foster Farm, Ottawa, ON, Whitehaven - Queensway Terrace North Britannia Heights, Ottawa, ON & Whitehaven - Queensway Terrace North Woodpark, Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Serena's room

Meadowlands Drive, Ottawa, ON

Unfurnished room in a townhouse

$580 inc.

We live in a 4 bedroom townhouse with a full kitchen and living room and a backyard which has a new shed going in. The dimensions of the room are shown in one of the pictures it's a bit small but even with a double bed it's pretty cozy and has a mirrored closet with built in hanging and shelving...

Room near: Carleton Square, Nepean, ON, Rideauview, Ottawa, ON, River, Ottawa, ON, Carleton Square, Ottawa, ON & Carleton Heights - Rideauview Rideauview, Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Aidan's room

Bruyère Street, Basse-ville, ON

Unfurnished room in a house

$757 inc.

Located a 10-minute walk from the Rideau center shopping mall and the O-train, but still out of the way enough to have more quiet than living right in the heart of the byward market. Utilities are included in rent but broadband is an extra $25/month. We have a washing machine and dryer in the bas...

Room near: Lowertown Côte-de-Sable, Ottawa, ON, Sandy Hill West, Ottawa, ON, Basse-ville, Ottawa, ON, Byward market, Ottawa, ON & Byward market, Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Andrés


24 years · Male · Student


Hi, my name is Andrés. I'm from Colombia and I just turned 24 years old. I'm looking for a place to live 3 months in Ottawa problably from may 1 to july 31 2024. I am in the economics program in my home country and I am a merit recipient of the MItacs program for a research internship with a profess...

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Chase


20 years · Other · Algonquin Student


I'm a broadcasting television student, I use they/him pronouns. I'm introverted, but I'm always down for an adventure. I like d&d, mtg, reading, photography and drag. I prefer to keep things clean and I try to get tasks done asap. I drink every so often, cool with weed and will give notice if I want...

Roommate looking in: Nepean, ON & Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Yasser


23 years · Male · Data Analyst


Quiet and friendly tech professional looking for a quiet and clean room to rent. I am a University of Toronto graduate, I work full-time and go to the office 3 times per week. In my free time I mostly read books or watch Netflix with headphones.

Roommate looking in: Kanata, ON & Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Valerie's room

Greenboro Crescent, Greenboro, ON

Furnished room in a house

$950 inc.

Room will be available in June! Looking for a respectful, clean / tidy and quite student : Great private fully furnished bedroom in a quiet single- family home in Ottawa. Amenities include access to fully equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, backyard with deck and gazebo. One shared full bath...

Room near: Greenboro, Ottawa, ON, Ottawa South, Barrhaven, ON, South Keys - Greenboro West South Keys, Ottawa, ON, South Keys - Greenboro West, Ottawa, ON & South Keys, Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Gui


20 years · Male · Marks


🏳️‍🌈Hi my name is Guilherme Gabriel And I am currently working at a Mark’s , I am an organized and clean person. I usually keep to myself but will chat if talked to, I'm not a picky and strict but if your actions start to impact me I will express my concern's. I would be looking for a nice roommat...

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Anna's room

Ottawa, ON

Furnished room with own bathroom in a townhouse

$950 inc.

Perfect opportunity for a serious student seeking a quiet, safe, clean place to live and study. I am also open to an employed individual who works off site and is seeking an alternative to the high cost of living. I am offering a furnished lower level Family Room that has been tastefully staged as...

Room near: Chatelaine Village, Orléans, ON, Orléans, ON, Orléans North West Hiawatha Park, Ottawa, ON, Orléans, Barrhaven, ON & Orléans, Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Tamiru


20 years · Male · Student at university of Ottawa


I am a chemical engineering student attending the university of Ottawa. I am an international student coming from Ethiopia.

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Amanda


36 years · Female · Self Employed - Own Painting Company


Hey! My name is Amanda and I currently live alone with my two dogs, Gus and Jack. They’re two beautiful Australian Shepherds who I’ve put a lot of work into training and making sure they’re as good of roommates as I am. Jack is crate trained, so he rests in there when I’m not home. Gus just sleeps s...

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.

Photo of David


27 years · Male · Aerospace Engineer - Project Manager


Hi! I am looking to rent a private room in Ottawa, around the Byward Market area. If everything goes well my stay would be from June 1st to July 15th, then I will be travelling around the country. I am a young man of 27 years old. During my stay I will be working remotely for Spain and the rest of...

Roommate looking in: Sandy Hill Côte-de-Sable, Ottawa, ON & Byward Market Basse-ville, Ottawa, ON.

Photo of GP's room

Ottawa, ON

Furnished room in a townhouse

$800 inc.

ALL INCLUSIVE (Internet, Netflix, Utilities) FURNISHED BASEMENT ROOM NON-SMOKING, PET-FREE townhouse. FEATURES: - EASY BUS ACCESS to OC Transpo routes 12, 15 and 20 (20-50 metres away). - On site LAUNDRY. - Rent includes all UTILITIES (heat, hydro, water, Netflix, and unlimited WIFI.) - Pr...

Room near: Vanier, Ottawa, ON, Vainer North Eastview, Ottawa, ON, Vainer North Kingsview Park, Vanier, ON, Vainer North, Vanier, ON & Eastview, Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Loïc


27 years · Male · Teacher / student


Hi there! I’m a master student at the university of Ottawa who is working as a part time high school teacher. I have a dog and 2 dwarfs bunnies 🐶🐰 Preferably looking downtown, sandy hills, riverside or Quebec side. Français/English

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Selbi


25 years · Female · PhD Student


hi, my name is Selbi and I am a pretty social introvert. I just got accepted to uOttawa to a PhD program and will be moving from US towards the end of summer and I'm terrified bc I don't know much abt Canada or living there. I would like to find someone who I can get along with and we can chill toge...

Roommate looking in: Gatineau, Pointe-Gatineau, QC & Ottawa, ON.

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