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Photo of Selina


28 years · Female · Service attendant CMH


Hey there, I’m Selina, 28 years old german PE teacher who’s been living overseas for the last 4 years. Travelling and working in different places with variable housing situations got me some references I can show. Like so many of us, I like spending time outdoors and explore the Canadian winte...

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB & Revelstoke, Columbia-Shuswap Regional District, BC.

Photo of Jacinta

Jacinta & Amy

22 & 23 years · Females · Student


Hi! My friend (Amy) and I (Jacinta) are two Aussies looking for a place to rent in Calgary/Banff. Both of us are well kept and very kind. We’re responsible, clean and organised. Basically the perfect house mate!

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB & Canmore, AB.

Photo of Kat


31 years · Female · Dental Nurse


G’day guys! I’m a 31 year old Aussie from Melbourne looking to move to Canada next year in April. I’m putting the feelers out there just seeing what I can expect. I’m a pretty social person but also love my own space. I’m quiet, respectful, non smoker and a pretty chilled out person comes with t...

Roommate looking in: Calgary, AB, Canmore, AB & Banff, AB.

Photo of Rufus


22 years · Male · Looking for work


Hey - I'm from Yorkshire in England and I'm about to come out to Canada for the Season. I have just graduated from uni and am coming for an adventure, in whatever form that takes. I'm a sociable person, but I'm coming to ski and meet new people in a new place, rather than to party. (Ignore my profil...

Roommate looking in: Golden, Columbia-Shuswap Regional District, BC, Jasper, AB, Lake Louise, AB, Banff, AB & Revelstoke, Columbia-Shuswap Regional District, BC.

Photo of Ellie

Ellie & Conor

22 years · Couple · flight attendant, support worker


Hi! We're an Australian couple looking to spend 2024 in Canada. We are friendly, clean, and great housemates :) Still not definite on location yet and don't have jobs yet. We love to spend our time working out, playing card games and hopefully skiing!

Roommate looking in: Toronto, ON & Banff, AB.

Photo of Olivia

Olivia & Stephanie

24 & 27 years · Females · Server & Rentals Assistant


We are two fun loving Aussie Girls who have moved to Banff to experience all things Canada. We both have sound jobs ain town and on the mountain and we love shredding it up on our days off! We are both tidy and respectful housemates who have been living in rentals and share houses for the last 6...

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of Sanri

Sanri & Dominic

27 & 28 years · Couple · Registered Nurse


My husband and I recently made the exciting move from Australia to Canada, ready to dive into work during our visa stay. Having spent the last six months globetrotting, we're thrilled to settle down and call a place home. Cleanliness is second nature to us; we've owned homes and shared spaces before...

Roommate looking in: Vancouver, Metro Vancouver Regional District, BC, Whistler, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, BC, Canmore, AB, Banff, AB & Edmonton, AB.

Photo of Ivo


22 years · Male · Retail


I am a friendly 22 year old, from Brighton, UK, who has just graduated from university. I have a job up at sunshine village, and excited to ski as much as possible while I'm there, looking forward to making new friends. I am quiet and enjoy my downtime, and I will always help out with jobs to do aro...

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of Mackenzie


20 years · Female · Bartender, support worker


I’m 20 and coming from Australia, I’ve lived in shared housing for the past couple years. My move in and stay dates can be flexible too for the right space! I’m always open to new people and experiences, with a huge love for the outdoors and ceramics! I don’t mind socialising but can also keep to...

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of Callum


23 years · Male · FItter (Machine Tools)


Im moving from the uk to canada in january and i will be looking for a more perminent place to stay. Im a tidy indvidual who enjoys being social but appreciates privacy. Im a outdoorsy person who enjoys climbing/hiking, just about anything adventurous.

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB & Calgary, AB.

Photo of Rebecca


18 years · Female · Ski Instructor


Hello, Im Rebecca I'm a super outgoing and enthusiastic person but also enjoy stay in. I'm looking for a place to stay for the ski season. Im very organized and clean and very excited to move from Ontario to Banff or Canmore!!!!

Roommate looking in: Canmore, AB & Banff, AB.

Photo of Zach


25 years · Male · Engineer


Hello! My name is Zach and I'm from Victoria, Australia. I've lived in plenty of sharehouses in both Australia and Europe. I'm easy going and respectful. Always down for a drink but happy to respect people's quiet time. Looking forward to exploring the Rockies over the next few months!

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of Will


22 years · Male · Carpenter


22 year old Aussie, love the outdoors, snowboarding, skating and hiking. I’m wanting to find a room or someone to go on a lease with and rent a house.

Roommate looking in: Canmore, AB & Banff, AB.

Photo of Lexi


23 years · Female · Server


23 from Australia and looking for a room in a share house to rent for the winter season. I am clean and respectable, love to socialise but also love a quiet night in.

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of Lily


18 years · Female · server


Moved from Scotland, here for the season and trying to be better at skiing :) finding a job atm, so staying in a hostel.

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of William


23 years · Male · Service


I am a very chilled out person who loves to ski as much as possible, would love a fun season with housemates, still looking for a job but accom is my priority!

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB & Lake Louise, AB.

Photo of Casey


19 years · Male · Talking to a few jobs right now, need to figure out where I am staying before I commit to one.


Wanting to move in sometime in December, as early as possible. I consider myself to be someone who is very organized and likes to keep my spaces clean, I value my quiet time as well as socializing and getting to know new people, and I enjoy helping others around the house.

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB & Canmore, AB.

Photo of Reign

Reign & Baron (my brother)

18 & 21 years · Males · Tourism


Moving to Banff for the summer with my brother hoping to get a job in tourism. Staying until the end of august or longer Super easy guys - just looking to work and get some experience out there From Ontario

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

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