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Miss Renee K. Taylor, BA (French)(She/Her)

Female · 63 years · Reserved--Experienced Renter--Unemployed//PWD Recipient--Will Work In Exchange For Housing--Moved to Kamloops so my father could teach Biology at Cariboo College

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Looking in: Vancouver, Metro Vancouver Regional District, BC, New Westminster, Metro Vancouver Regional District, BC, Abbotsford, Fraser Valley Regional District, BC, Prince George, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, BC, Victoria, Capital Regional District, BC, Kelowna, Regional District of Central Okanagan, BC, Kamloops, Thompson-Nicola Regional District, BC, White Rock, Metro Vancouver Regional District, BC & Penticton, Okanagan-Similkameen, BC.

$1,400 per month
Accommodation for
For myself
Ready to move
May 15
Looking to stay
24 months
🏳️‍🌈 LGBT+ friendly
🚭 Non-smoker
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Hi! I want to find (2-4) homes I can go to regularly, while I do a sting w/o any training, seek retraining & a job, veg out (& practice music?) I like difficulty, have high-stress & haven’t roomed w/others for awhile. Are you occupied/active, basically decent, COVID-Compliant & Non-Smoking?

What are you trying to accomplish? I prefer the scientific approach over feeling. Do you want a home where the people living there are working towards a purpose? What I’ve come to see as “religion-ey bldgs” seem spooky & to c/w torture & a sacrifice.

I’m English/childless/a women’s libber. I had an affair & sleep alone. The 1st organized religion I went to hurt me.

Often dressed like a DP, I seek moderates who are direct, considerate, book-smart & keen to help out.

TELUS has subsidized-wifi if you’re eligible. I have References, had Evictions &, AFAIK, am bondable & don’t have a CR. I’m a Cleaner & can install Door Lock-Hardware.

Whether my early life is why I won’t bond w/you, I feel provoked by manipulative tactics & need control. Wanting to protect others, I do small-scale writing to fix what I see as holes in our safety-net & can be critical & vindictive.

<How do you fight?>

Interested? Our (housing rental-laws (“laws”)) are poor, so let’s do a DIY, set-period Contract w/(A. House-Principles) requiring a certified rent-payment method, w/flex for the unexpected & for options to extend/renew/recur. To Landlords: Hi! Do you know your weaknesses? How can we Tenants work (n/c) w/you to get your goals met? The length of my Contract is up to you, I’d like you to sign a rough rights-agreement; for effective Tenant-Placement, there’s (Dark-Triad Personality Test-related) info at Quora, & if you want me to buy Tenant-Insurance, then how safe is the bldg? Does it c/w security-cameras w/audio?

I get by mainly on a BC Disability-Pension based on a Paranoid Schizophrenia-diagnosis, arrived at w/o lab-tests at hospitals I fled to after bad rentals. No medical data is mostly why I’m not convinced I’m mentally-ill.

If I can, I’ll have a Dr correct the diagnosis.

I don’t take psychiatric medication (“meds.” I took Risperidone (’99-(’14?)) But after starting to research the side-effects of any medicine I took (sth every1 should do,) I feared permanent brain-damage b/c of meds. W/o Dr approval, I tried tapering off my meds safely. (BTW: It seems a patient may risk death if he quits meds cold-turkey, having to do w/how long the meds were taken & dosage taken.) I seem ok, but got periodontal-disease, perhaps b/c of gum-recession, in turn perhaps b/c of “dry-mouth,” a side-effect of Risperidone (& other medications too, it seems.) I don’t know what caused my periodontal-disease, but it may be permanent & lead to more probs. (To reassure: I take a PRN to get sleep & REC Vitamins/Supplements).)

(Don’t ignore signs that medicine you’ve been taking for awhile may be starting to harm you, & if you have concerns, don’t change how you’ve been taking sth until you consult a Dr. Come to your appointments prepared, w/a list of questions specific to your issue.)

An Activist/Whistleblower, I may have received reprisals, & tho’ unproven, there may have been organized stalking- (CCC: Article 264. (1)) incidents targeting me. If I’ve got a criminal matter, I need to obtain evidence for pressing charges (I’m on it.) I may have a possible perception-prob as Kamloops’ “town scapegoat” or “town whore.”

To me, a superstition or perception w/o supporting evidence is false.

Perhaps these arcs are imagined only. I may have lost what might be psychic-boundaries & how they protect from the thoughts of others, incl victimizers. Let’s say I get unwanted thoughts: I may “broadcast” (really blast it) to defend my psyche, & unintentionally plague you w/unwelcome, shared thought-transference or hallucinations, perhaps while we sleep, thru walls & w/other bldg-mates. (Maybe there’s such a thing as “normal head-sounds” or I’m referring to signs of PS or PTSD, but if researchers have begun to prove ESP, I don’t know how they quantify it. BTW, I didn’t find that taking Risperidone cleared up “hearing voices.”)

(If it ever seems I need to indicate I’m “normal,” I may imply “derealisation b/c of external stressors” or “I don’t know.”)

There may be street-heckling directed at me, committed by the public outside our bldg or by bldg-mates inside it, migrated from my last bldg & a prob we’ll dine on AL until our bldg has plenty of miked surveillance, recording handy footage 24/7.

A home w/integrity, inside & out where you don’t need veneer, is likely where I’d quit bad habits.

(Opinion:) A Canadian renter can fall into an abyss b/c of mickey-mouse laws. Landlords & Tenants don’t usually have democratic, straightforward partnerships based on what we revere. The real-estate industry includes a growing # of renters & doesn’t have much (B. Oversight.) Those in charge aren’t usually held accountable. We haven’t created laws that enforce protections, reward good behavior & benefit Landlords, Tenants & communities. There appear Landlords who: Take liberties while enjoying balance of power-/burden of proof-/leverage-advantages, grant precarious safety/power-of-choice to Tenants & have (foot-stamping machines) w/& among Tenants. Landlords don’t seem impelled to: Have comprehensive training or run their bldgs like entities bound by the Rule of Law/the Charter, or Criminal & Civil Codes/Commercial Law/a professional Code of Ethics/(Best Business Practices)/the Golden Rule, or what you’d expect a mercenary, shrewd Store Owner to do to prevent legal action/unwanted attn from govt/a bad name. It’s a scourge when Tenants don’t pay rent, damage their Units & aren’t made to comply w/basic behavior-standards. (But is what seems scant Tenant Relations-work b/c of too-few supports for Landlords?) I’m not aware of a hardy legal-framework reflecting what your average, law-abiding Applicant is likely to do when vying for (an open-ended Lease,) & studies Landlord-media, sees sth that doesn’t seem to c/w forestalling conditions, submits his info, gets a call, attends a Viewing/has an Interview, doesn’t hear about any probs w/his Application, starts thinking he’s cleared tough evaluations (which delve deep into his financial/work/school/health/psychological/character-backgrounds, data from which is crunched by software w/(1st-come, 1st-served/seniority) filters,) & is approved for a Tenancy. “Seems I beat the competition,” a newly moved-in Tenant may say. “As long as I pay rent on time, keep my Unit (inside of which, only, is where I vent, w/restraint) clean, repaired (& maybe improved on :) & stay active, then my ‘Inner Sanctum’ is where I’m safest. I’ll work hard at being circumspect & upfront w/my bldg-mates, like I want in return.

But if rentals were only ever time-sensitive, then instinct can guide me as to when to give notice.“

If these are anticipations of an Applicant who takes pains & whose Landlord abruptly voids the Tenancy w/o a good reason, then a shabby incident like it can be made obsolete not only b/c a citizenry may fix laws, but also b/c maybe ethical Landlords should get incentives, from levels of govt, to offset bldg-upgrade & insurance-costs, if they publish Company-news, do Sales & Marketing, screen for desired clientele (using data from exacting Application Forms & Interviews,) utilize waitlists, & defray Moving-Expenses for or network w/other Landlords to find vacancies on behalf of, former Tenants whose Eviction-Cause didn’t have merit. (If a Landlord puts an Applicant somewhere unsuitable or reasons poorly in removing an existing Tenant, yet his Company invests in (profitable) Tenant-betterment partly to buffer fallout from errors, then doesn’t this entail staying power?)

Do Landlords take time off? If they were licensed, or if Tenants unionized, can the scales balance out?

(If I can, I’d help open a chain that rents to populations (eg, victims-of-violence, lone ♀‘s & sex-workers, & their kids) shown to get discrimination (& worse) from Landlords. The Clients do sth constructive while staying temporarily. The chain has truth-in-advertising & serves a human vital-need & preserving life-&-limb, in contrast to entailing “subject-to-interpretation concepts, like tourism” (unknown,) how a bldg looks, how you make a bldg look or how you make a Landlord feel. Good Landlords, shown to treat people humanely & whose operations are infrastructure tradeable at a Stock Exchange, get incentives, & Landlords wanting to operate by status-quo (eg, religion-ey bldgs) don’t.)

I took risks, & don’t expect you to help me w/my probs or plan to discuss my activities w/you.

If you don’t see deal-breakers here, & if we met, will hint at your deficiencies, then can you grant me a contact?


A. Preferred Contract-/House-Principles: Presumption of innocence comes 1st; Due diligence is done at the outset by all parties, & once a Contract’s signed, due process is granted to every1, each x; Signatures are binding; (C. It’s what my Dr thinks;) Being a good neighbor reaps rewards; Unless you hear an emergency going on in your mate’s room, MYOB! His home is his Castle, & agency is yours, too; If you see or hear an emergency going on, call for help; Freezing out an Applicant or Tenant may affect a community; Instigators may bring ruin.

B. Canadian Non-Profit Societies don’t have oversight.

C. If you hear that “[in] Canada, it’s what your neighbors think,” then be aware that the Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation seems to imply, by contrast, that a Tenant who’s got a beef w/another Tenant needs to try resolving the issue 1-on-1 prior to filing a Complaint w/a Landlord. If there’s a 1-on-1 & yet the issue still seems to be going on, the aggrieved Tenant is then at liberty to leave his Complaint w/the Landlord. (Re: CMHC Sample Letter #6 (Archived?))

Without Prejudice.

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