What are Team Ups?

Team ups are a unique Roomies feature that allows members to search for accommodation together. Sometimes the right combination of roommates and property is not available, so the best solution is to go and rent a whole property and rent out the rooms. Teaming up is a great alternative to help expand your search in the room rental community.

How to use the Team Ups feature

If you are searching for a room and are interested in teaming up, tick the “I’m interested in teaming up” when creating a profile. It will appear on your profile, notifying others that you are open to searching for a shared property together.

When to use Team Ups

  • Teaming up to find better roommates

    Many roomies believe the people are more important than the property. Team ups allows you to focus on finding the right people first and then worry about the property later. There are many ways you can communicate with a potential roomie to discuss rental interest. You can discuss via phone, text, or email; or you can meet in person at public spaces such as cafes, parks, and libraries. This allows you to “interview” the roommate to decide whether they would be the right person to team up with.

  • Teaming up for a better quality property

    Sometimes there are better quality whole properties available to rent than available rooms. By teaming up you can first find amazing roomies and together apply for that amazing home.

  • Team up and save money

    By teaming up before you rent the whole property you can save money by sharing the agent fees, moving in costs, and splitting the first rent and security deposit. This can make starting a share house a lot less risky than going alone.

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