How to Team Up

Finding others on Roomies that are interested in teaming up is simple. First, filter your search to “Roomies” . Next, do an advance search to find those who indicated “interested in teaming up” on their profiles. Once you have come across roomies that you think you would want to team up with, you can send them a direct message.

Tips on messaging a potential Roomie:

  • Sharing an apartment that you have in mind is a great conversation starter. It will help the roomie understand that you are already considering a place but need other roommates.
  • You can discuss details via phone, video chats, emails, or even on the website’s secured messaging system.
  • Suggest meeting in public spaces such as cafes, parks, and libraries. This is an excellent way to discuss what each roomie is looking for and whether you will be compatible roommates.
  • Prepare three-to-five questions that will help give you a better insight into what they are looking for and their daily living habits.
  • Share critical attributes that you deem essential in a roommate.
  • Don’t flirt with another roomie, as this may come across the wrong way. Team Ups is not for dating purposes.
  • Ask about their availability to view the property in person.
  • Discuss the rental agreements and whose name(s) would be on the lease.

Tip: Remember to view the property in person before transferring any money.

What's next?

Once you feel comfortable viewing and applying to properties together, agree on the rental terms and discuss how the security deposit and monthly rent would be paid between each roommate. Roomies strongly advises getting this in writing (even if it is just an email) before you pay any money so there are no misunderstandings later. Roomies provides a free roommate agreement.