Sarang & S

16 & 17 years · Females · International student


We are looking for room share condo near sheppard to commute from school. We want cook food ourselves and clean wash room.

Roommate looking in: Fisherville, North York, ON.

Photo of Emily


24 years · Female · grocery cashier


I'm a 24 year old adult who's a book warm and thats into astrology and I really love exploring toronto when it comes to going out on my free time. my sexuality is a abrosexual and I might have a bit of a disabilty so I hope your ok with that. lastly I’m actually a quiet and neat person so you w...

Roommate looking in: North York, ON.

Photo of Vanessa


22 years · Female · Audit and Control Associate


Hi there! I'm a very friendly person and am looking to share a condo with someone who cleans up after themselves. I work on the weekdays so I might not be home most of the week but would love to have friendly chats with my roomie whenever we're free.

Roommate looking in: Wilson Heights, North York, ON.

Photo of Selin


29 years · Female · Office assistant


Hello, I'm Selin and I'm looking for a room in North York. I am currently working in North York. I am looking for a non-smoking and clean place. I am friendly and can comply with the rules. I am not a pet owner, but having a cat or dog at home does not bother me and I would be happy.

Roommate looking in: Wilson Heights, North York, ON & North York, ON.

Photo of Rajane Paalisbo

Rajane Paalisbo

32 years · Female · Retail Manager


I am a very friendly and easygoing person, but I can be so quiet. I easily get along with other people, but I value my personal space so much. I like my place to be clean and peaceful. I enjoy music and food a lot. Hobbies: Singing, listening to music, cleaning, watching K-drama series Looking...

Roommate looking in: Wilson Heights, North York, ON, Willowdale, North York, ON, Midtown, Toronto, ON & North York, ON.

Photo of Jefone


25 years · Male · Student and working part-time


I am a free spirited individual who is studying advertising with a good personality and can get along with just anybody. I mind my own business and will give you privacy. I also workout regularly and will make you work out if with me if you want a gym buddy. I also play good music that you will like...

Roommate looking in: Wilson Heights, North York, ON & York University, North York, ON.

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