Housemates & Flatmates in Westmount, London, Middlesex County, ON


30 years · Male · Graduate Student


Living with me and my roommates would be great because we're tidy, respectful of each other's space, and always up for good conversation or a game night. Plus, we're pretty good at keeping the fridge stocked with snacks!

Roommate looking in: West London, London, Middlesex County, ON.

Jasveer & Ramandeep kaur

19 & 25 years · Females · student


We understand that everyone has their own schedules, preferences, and personal space needs. We respect other's boundaries and ensure a harmonious coexistence. Whether it's keeping noise levels down or cleaning up after ourselves, we aim to maintain a comfortable and considerate atmosphere.

Roommate looking in: White Oaks, London, Middlesex County, ON.


22 years · Female · Student


I am a Nigerian Muslim Woman. Non-drinker/ smoker and I’m looking for female housemates who share similar values as me. I like reading books and going on adventures. If this is your vibe let's be roomies.

Roommate looking in: White Oaks, London, Middlesex County, ON.

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