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Toronto, ON M6S 1A1

Private room with shared bathroom
3 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
3 roomies
$1,000 per month
Not included
Property type
Room furnishing
Preferred gender
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Stay length
Minimum 2 months

About the room

Scroll down and read the full ad please, lots of stuff there ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ

To save your time: The rent includes nothing, first, last and $500 deposit required. It’s available from August 1st, and you can leave at the beginning of a month you like, as long as I’m being given a two month notice. Room is furnished and only needs a double mattress. No parking and it’s hard to find one in the building. You need to be an absolute non smoker and preferably not a pet owner. You must not be a TikToker, lol! I mean you must be mature and responsible 
(o・・)ノ“(ノ<、) Make sure you’ve included your LinkedIn profile and Airbnb in the response. Your name must not be Geneviève or Danny, lol! I’m joking =P You’ll share the bathroom with only one lady.

Hi fortunate roomie! Hope you’re doing great! If you’ve made this far, congrats! Let’s begin then! I already know who we got here tho! A lazybutt who finds it too much to rent a place and make it furnished? No worries, we’ve got you covered here! =P I start with my bio and looking forward to hearing yours! 30 male, omnivore, non smoker, and non drinker. My life too boring? You’re probably right you dear cocaine consumer =P Did a master’s in mechanical engineering from Concordia in Montreal. I know schools could be useless, but at least didn’t study at Trump university! Worked as a project manager for a company in Quebec while having most of the business in Ontario. Yes! I travelled a lot with the company’s money muhahaha! Then decided to quit the position and move to Toronto. Have started my next role as a project engineer for a small business, a remote job. Danny is the guy in my previous job that I couldn’t get along with 
(⌒_⌒;) Have lived with more than 25 roomies so far, and from all around the world: Canada, India, Iran, France, Germany, USA, Canada-Costa Rica, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Hong Kong-Canada-South Korea (he had a hard time answering where he is from =D), Pakistan, and Colombia. Once lived with a couple and another time with a gay roomie. Geneviève is the miserable roomie I had in Montreal (>﹏<) Before the pandemic I used to attend an event called Mundo Lingo to meet people and play some games and sports like foosball and ping pong. After Covid, I just lay down on the couch and read Trump’s The Art of the Deal! As a result, my debts have been growing more and more! Due to the fact that I have lived in 3 different cities in the last 5 years, I don’t have many friends and prefer someone who likes to stay in Toronto for long term to be friends. The building has a gym, ping pong table, and pool table and would be great if you’re into joining those activities! Sharing a meal, watching a movie are the other options too! That being said, you’ll have your privacy and you will choose the way you prefer! I understand that we need to work 40 hours a week and you may prefer to only watch TikTok in your room after work! (what a miserable lifestyle btw =P). And I always let the roomie decides whether or not they want to keep in touch when they move out. The reason I say preferably no pet is not because I don’t like animals. It’s because when my roomies have a pet, I get attached to them. When they move out, I start missing them. There was a cat living with me last summer and though he now lives with his owner in Toronto, I don’t get to see him (o-_-o)

About the other roomie: She works full time as a project engineer in office.

About the building: It’s on Lakeshore Blvd in south Etobicoke. On 5th floor there is a big terrace with bench and BBQ grill for the whole building. On the same floor inside the building, there is a gym, a pool table, and ping pong table. There is no parking and locker in the building available. I saw a note on the board a few days ago that someone was willing to rent out a spot. It’s not there anymore, and they’re posted once in a while only. It’s only a few minutes walk from TTC. 7 km or 10 minutes drive to CN tower. It’s also near high park!

About the apartment: on 4th floor. Whole apartment is furnished. You’ll find tons of light in the apartment and it has a view of the lake. First picture was taken by the roomie that you’ll share the bathroom with. It’s a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom apartment. You’ll share the bathroom with another person only. I have no preference over male or female, but the other roomie prefers female as you’ll share the bathroom with her. The room is furnished with a white non IKEA set of double bed, desk, drawer, bedside table and wardrobe.There is also a gaming chair in the room. It only misses the mattress. There is a Nespresso Vertuo machine and I use a grinder to freshly grind bean and refill a pod. I also have a Sodastream and Aeroccino. There is a washer and dryer in the apartment. Nothing is included in the rent. Internet is 50 bucks a month, hydro between 60 to 90 dollars a month, and tenant insurance about 50 dollars a month. Common stuff like bathroom paper, dish detergent, etc will be shared too. There are two Google nests in the apartment. First one in the living room that controls your room and the living room, and second one in the other roomie’s room that controls her room and mine.

Rules: I’m not nonsense like some people mentioning their roomie must not be working from home or they must be cooking occasionally only. You pay a rent and you serve the right to stay in the apartment 24/7 or cook on a regular basis. However, there are some rules that you need to follow. I’m not trying to be sexist here, but specially we men need to understand that we no longer live with our mom and she ain’t here to clean after us! There is also a difference between when you live alone and when you share a place. The upside is we share the rent and costs, but the downside is that the place needs to stay clean more strictly to respect our roomies’ space:

Google nests will be set to 24 in summer and 22 in winter. In summer, If you find the set-point too cold, you’re expected to close the vent in your room and not turning off the AC! if you find it too hot, you’ll need to get a fan for your room. And in winter, if you find it too cold, you would have to get another heater in your room, and if it’s too hot, again close the vent in your room. If you work from home, that’s completely alright! You’ll be provided a comfortable desk and chair in your room and you may not use the living room as your office. The living room is a shared space to chill out. No oil left on the stove after you cook. There is a cloth beside the stove to clean after cooking. The counter has a separate cloth and it must not be used to clean the stove or vice versa. The kitchen will be clean before you cook and needs to look the same after you’re done. There is a dishwasher in the apartment, and all dishes must be rinsed before being put in the dishwasher. If you clean the dishes with sponge and detergent it needs to be done properly (not just pouring hot water!). The sponge must always be squeezed of water and dirt and left in the sponge basket. The kitchen brush will be only used for items that are hard to be cleaned with a sponge, like greater, strainer, can opener, etc and everything else will be cleaned with a sponge. Hands, face, or teeth would be washed/brushed in the bathroom sink, not the kitchen sink. A chemical substance has been added to the kitchen’s faucet so that when it’s being combined with your tooth paste or face wash, it produces a dangerous substance which makes you bald (。•́︿•̀。) Drain plug will be left in the sink to stop food from going down. The drain will always be emptied in the compost and will be kept clean after use. Shoes will be taken off at the entrance and will be put on the shoe rack. If you forget to take something when leaving, you’ll need to take off your shoes to grab them. No hair or foam will be left in the bathtub or on the curtain after you take a shower. The bathtub has a drain and needs to be cleaned up from hair. Same for the bathroom sink. If you’re a guy, you won’t do your number one standing up. Why? Because I’m worried about your health! Physicists have found that standing up significantly increases the velocity of the stream and potential for backsplash, amounting to less hygienic, more bacteria-filled bathrooms. Lol, I don’t care about your health (^.^) it’s not nice to hear the noise when you’re in an online meeting. What’s more, you normally spread it all over while standing up. Garbage, recycle, and compost have their separate bins and they must not be put in the wrong bin. For the recycle, if it contains food or dirt, you need to rinse it with hot water before recycling it. I had a roomie that used to even wash with sponge and dry them before recycling, but I won’t be asking this!

If you’re still reading this, you’ve got to have a loose screw, Lol! I’m kidding! Good job! Continue please, as not far you are from the end! I always repeat that never judge people unless you know them well. In fact I’m being judged so frequently as well which is not nice. However, thanks to Geneviève for the unbelievable stories she brought in, I have no choice other than judging you from your response and profiles. I clearly have no time to face those situations Geneviève caused in 2018. If you get no response, specially if you see the ad being bumped up after your response, please don’t be offended and don’t take it the wrong way. Let’s put it this way that we may not be a good match to live in the same apartment, nothing wrong with you. Toronto is a big city, keep trying other ads and you should find a comfortable room.

About the roomies

Reply to me if: First and for most YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE to stick to the rules. You have introduced yourself very well. The introduction should be at least like mine at the beginning. Your LinkedIn and Airbnb profiles have been included. You’re willing to provide letter of employment and credit report.

Hope to see you! (*°ー°)ノ

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