How to Break the Ice With Your New Roomie!

Rooming together can be a great way to save money, make new friendships, and even open doors for those moving to a new city/state. But let's face it, it can be a bit intimidating as well. Sharing a space, commingling lifestyles and work schedules can be a juggle at times, especially when you don't know your new Roomies all that well. So, what are some fun ways to break the ice with your new housemate? We have compiled a list of some fun and unexpected ways to make friends with your roomies below:

Game night

Game nights are a classic ice breaker. Cards Against Humanity (if you dare) Monopoly, Scrabble, chess.... the list is endless! Pick a game that sounds interesting to both of you and have a friendly competition. Not into board games but have a console? Have a friendly round of Mario Kart or another multiplayer game that interests you both.

Be a Tourist in your own City

Does your local suburb offer tours of historic spots? Ghost tours? Author readings at the local college or library? Summer concert in the park? Partake in an event together, it can be a good common ground for a chat at your local afterwards or even over a cup of tea in the kitchen when you get home.


Choosing items together such as throw pillows, and lamps (nothing overly expensive) can give you some insight in how your roommate prefers to live and what their sense of personal style is. You might have more in common than you think. Pick a theme, go full neutral, or get some inspo on Pinterest together!


We are not advocating bar hopping, however, a lot of Roomies bond over a late-night cup of tea or that first coffee in the morning. Of course, a beer or two never hurt as well. This gives you both time to sit and chat about life.

Pick a project!

Are you both beer aficionados? Buy a kit and make your own house brew. Has that wall color in the bathroom seen better days? Freshen it up together! (With your landlord's permission, of course). Start a ridiculously large jigsaw puzzle, turn that spare room into the perfect workspace, or turn your deck into the ultimate hangout for friends and family.

Start a show

Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, whatever your favorite streaming service may be, you can choose a genre that interests you both, this process alone can tell you a lot about your new roomie! You can both be secret sci-fi fans, love horror films or even enjoy the ever-growing true crime documentary world. It’s a great way to chat about your interests.

Get your adrenaline going

Have you moved in with a fellow adventurer? Pick your poison, skydiving, base jumping, abseiling, scuba diving…anything you fancy. Whether it's new for you both or something you love it’s a good way to join in an activity and see what you each are made of.

More of a Homebody?

Join a local book club, crochet society, quilting club, or anything that’s a bit more low-key and hands-on can give you both a common focus and something to chat about after work at night.

Get Charitable

Find an opportunity to volunteer that means a lot to you and invite your roomie to join. Do you spend your Saturdays at a soup kitchen? Training for a fundraising marathon? Having a common cause to donate time to and put energy towards can be a great common bond. Bonus? You help others.

Work it out

Find a local park run, do a home workout, visit the gym together, try a new fitness class, get moving together and work towards a common health goal to foster an additional bond.

The financial benefits of teaming up with a new Roomie can also be a great way to make new friends. So, break the ice, come together, and have some fun getting to know your new housemate!

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