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Brampton, ON

Furnished room in a basement

$850 inc.

Shared room ( or you can keep it private price vary)Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served . All Utilities, Internet, laundry,1car parking included. Fully furnished.shared kitchen. Refrigerator, microwave and cutlery will be provided. 1 minute walk to the bus stop. Very close to Downtown Brampto...

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32 years · Female · Operator


I like a clean and safe environment. I am seeking a roommate that likes to keep their environment clean as well. Cleanliness is important !!! I do not appreciate landlords going into my space when I am not at home and without informing me of a valid reason to enter. I am paying for my privacy as w...

Roommate looking in: Brampton North, Brampton, Peel County, ON.


40 years · Male · IT Consultant


I believe I'd be a great housemate because I'm friendly, respectful, and keep the place clean and organized. I'm reliable with bills and responsibilities, communicate well, and enjoy a balance of socialising and quiet time. My goal is to create a comfortable and supportive home for everyone.

Roommate looking in: Brampton West, Brampton, Peel County, ON & Brampton, Peel County, ON.

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