Photo of Nicholas


31 years · Male · Shipping and recieving supervisor


Hello my names nick. I currently live in brampton. I need to move from my current home of 12 years because my landlord is retiring and relocating to another province. Im hoping to find somewhere affordable or a roomate.i am very clean and quiet. I will be at work monday to friday.. i need to move in...

Roommate looking in: Mississauga, Peel County, ON & Brampton North, Brampton, Peel County, ON.

Photo of Ikram


40 years · Male · Engineer


A single Working professional, looking for a separate room pref with attached bath. I am NON vegan, No Smoking, No drinking and No LGTB No Cannabies, No Pets. I love to share knowledge. Hobbies, travel and friendly. Mostly I am in a hybrid work environment and pref to stay undisturbed.

Roommate looking in: Brampton North, Brampton, Peel County, ON.

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