Photo of Justin


26 years · Male · General Labor


Hi, my name is Justin. I am currently in Malaysia for a short vacation but will be coming back on March 19th. I am looking for a room to move in when I am back. I have a full time job in a factory in Markham. I am organized, respectful and clean person.

Roommate looking in: Scarborough, ON, Calgary, AB, North York, ON & Toronto, ON.

Photo of Aishwarya


20 years · Female · student


I am a fun and outgoing going person who loves to cook. I am an international student in my 2nd year of BBA. I also work part time as financial educator and its work from home. i love peace ,quiet and clean environment at the same time , I love meeting and getting to know people.

Roommate looking in: Guildwood, Scarborough, ON, Dufferin Grove Downtown, Toronto, ON, Scarborough, ON, Toronto, ON & Mississauga, Peel County, ON.

Photo of Ilhem


35 years · Female · Marketing Coordinator


Hi, I'm very quiet and practice zazen, yoga and prayers, I'm looking for a female roommate to share a flat together. I cherish my private space while being friendly, cooking veggie soups, sharing jokes and funny stories. I've been soul sister with my previous roomie. I'm aspiring to live...

Roommate looking in: Scarborough, ON, North York, ON, Mississauga, Peel County, ON & Toronto, ON.

Photo of Cath


24 years · Female · Virtual Mental Health Specialist


Hi! I'm Cath. I'm a mental health worker starting my masters in September but will continue working full time. I'm looking to rent a place for the long term hoping the experience is beyond positive. With me comes a white persian cat who love attention and is very kind (I have a hidden litter...

Roommate looking in: Richmond Hill, Regional Municipality of York, ON, Scarborough, ON, Toronto, ON, Markham, Regional Municipality of York, ON & East York, ON.

Photo of Bashir Ahmad

Bashir Ahmad

33 years · Male · Journalist


We'd be great roommates because we keep things clean and quiet. We respect each other's space and privacy. If there's ever an issue, we're good at talking it out. We all have different interests, but we also like hanging out together. We want our place to feel like a cozy home where everyone feels h...

Roommate looking in: Toronto, ON, Mississauga, Peel County, ON & Scarborough, ON.

Photo of Tina


37 years · Female · Receptionist


I'm very clean, willing to help other people, I cook mostly baking, family oriented, have few friends, i don't sleep around. I'm quiet friendly conversation and career focus doesn't matter how long it takes at this point. Pay rent on time if its a bigger room i can do 750 a month for rent I do need...

Roommate looking in: Oshawa, Regional Municipality of Durham, ON, Whitby, Regional Municipality of Durham, ON, Scarborough, ON & Markham, Regional Municipality of York, ON.

Photo of Tiara


18 years · Female · Student


I am a responsible, considerate, and quiet person who is committed to creating a comfortable and enjoyable living environment. I respect others' space and belongings, communicate openly and honestly, and take care of shared spaces and belongings. I'm reliable and trustworthy, and my diverse interest...

Roommate looking in: University of Toronto-Scarborough Campus, Scarborough, ON.

Photo of Ishita


30 years · Female · Information System Anlyst


Hi, my name is Ishita. I am a full-time worker. I am looking for two private rooms (me and my friend)in Scarborough or North York. I would prefer to stay in a girls' house. I am a quiet and neat person. I like to be in peaceful places. I am friendly and I believe good company is important at home as...

Roommate looking in: Scarborough, ON.

Photo of Jennifer


26 years · Female · Student


I am a very clean and responsible tenant looking for a comfortable room in a quiet neighbourhood. I value cleanliness, respect privacy, and prioritize a peaceful living environment. Looking forward to meeting you :)

Roommate looking in: Scarborough, ON.

Photo of Shane


18 years · Male · Sales Associate


Hi I'm Shane! I'm Looking for queer friendly housing in Pickering, Ajax, Scarborough, or Whitby. I'm Trans and my pronouns are He/Him. My Maximum budget is $750 (maybe higher if utilities are included). I currently work at the Pickering Mall, but I want to have a career in social work and am working...

Roommate looking in: Pickering, Regional Municipality of Durham, ON, Scarborough, ON, Whitby, Regional Municipality of Durham, ON & Ajax, Regional Municipality of Durham, ON.

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