Housemates & flatmates in Whitby ON

Photo of Scott

Scott · 32 years

Looking in: Whitby ON, Ajax ON & Pickering ON.

Hi, I’m Scott. I’m 32 years old and gainfully employed. I work as an AutoCAD operator in Ajax. I am looking for like minded people who want to live in...

Photo of Kevin Millington

Kevin Millington · 38 years

Looking in: Whitby ON.

Hello: I am a 38 year old male who works in health care and am looking for a quiet and peaceful home to rent a room. I am looking for people with sim...

Photo of Claire

Claire · 38 years

Looking in: Whitby ON.

I'm easy going and get along with most people. I like things clean and tidy, but not a neat freak. I have an amazing dog that everyone falls in love w...

Photo of Kennedy

Kennedy · 24 years

Looking in: Whitby ON & Oshawa ON.

Hi! I am a recent engineering graduate from Saskatchewan (born & raised) and am new to Ontario, now working for GM at their assembly plant here in Osh...

Photo of Sham

Sham · 22 years

Looking in: Whitby ON.

Hey my name is Sham. I'm currently 22 and I've been living alone for over a year. I'm looking to move out and find a roommate to get along with. I'm r...

Photo of Steph

Steph · 26 years

Looking in: Whitby ON & Oshawa ON.

I'm a 26 year old working professional looking for an apartment to share with someone, or even renting a room in a house with some people similar in a...

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J. · 41 years

Looking in: Whitby ON, Ajax ON & Pickering ON.

I am stress-free. I don't smoke or drink. I don't party. I am a quiet man. I am clean. I am considerate. I am handy if needed. I mind my own business....


Jerry · 36 years

Looking in: Whitby ON.

I am expecting comfortable stay with affordable rent. I dont like smoking and alcohol. I am a Christian. I need a room near Canada Christian College w...


Matt · 48 years

Looking in: Oshawa ON & Whitby ON.

Quiet, clean and respecful. Looking for a quiet and clean rental. I require a good sized unfurnished room (or furnished with minimal storage space on...


Sasha · 40 years

Looking in: Whitby ON.

I am a quiet, neat, considerate room mate. I am friendly but need alot of alone time, so you'll always have your personal space. Others have found me...

Photo of Colin
$700 — Updated

Colin & Lloyd · 25 years

Looking in: Pickering ON, Ajax ON & Whitby ON.

Lloyd and Myself (Colin) are looking for 2 other people to rent a 4 bedroom somewhere in Durham Region ( Oshawa to Pickering ) we have cats, and Lloyd...

Photo of Jörg

Jörg · 25 years

Looking in: Whitby ON & Oshawa ON.

I am a 25 year old student from germany, currently pursuiting a master´s in engineering. I am doing two scientific project´s at University of Ontario...

Photo of Rhea

Rhea · 20 years

Looking in: Ajax ON, Pickering ON & Whitby ON.

I'm a quiet and clean person. I'm always at work so I don't go out much. I don't smoke but I do drink somtimes. I have a pet bird named Chuckles who's...

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