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How to report a Roomies member

To report a Roomies member, please visit their listing and scroll down to the bottom to locate the “report it” button.

Some of the reasons you may want to report another member include:

Listing no longer available

Suspected scammer

Offensive or inappropriate listing

Inappropriate behavior or harassment

Please ensure to provide supporting documents, i.e. screenshots of text messages, emails, etc., so that our security team can further investigate. In some instances, we may not have enough information to remove the member from our platform, so it is imperative to send us as much evidence as you can.

Our security team will investigate the report and assess whether the member has breached our community standards.

If you notice that the member has not been removed from our website, unfortunately, our team could not conclude a breach of our community standards. However, we may send the user a warning notification, and if the behavior continues, they may be permanently removed from our site.

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