Photo of Katie


24 years · Female · Dog Handler


Hey there, I am currently in the UK but recently got a visa to live and work in Canada. I love dogs and I am hoping to get a job working with dogs. I hoping to find someone to move with or a room I can move into.

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB, Airdrie, AB & Cochrane, AB.

Photo of Elissa


23 years · Female · Electro-mechanical assembler


Hey there! I’m hardworking and work throughout the week, with weekends off. I have a stable job due and have been working at the company for almost 2 years now. I am super friendly, bubbly and im always down for a chat but I also like my alone time and can keep to myself. I like to think i have a...

Roommate looking in: Calgary, AB & Airdrie, AB.

Photo of Sean


54 years · Other · Aish + part time work


I'm a very social fun loving person. I love the idea of a shared yard and kitty friendly. Ask me anything you want.

Roommate looking in: Airdrie, AB & Calgary, AB.

Photo of Aleisha


46 years · Female · AISH


Hi I’m a pleasant 46yr old single white Christian female with a 7yr old spayed female cat. I’ve been renting in Airdrie at the same place for 7yrs but landlord is selling. I am very clean & quiet but can be a social person. No smoking, vaping, drinking, partying or any drugs and need the same from...

Roommate looking in: Calgary, AB, Okotoks, AB, Chestermere, AB, Cochrane, AB & Airdrie, AB.

Photo of Haleigh Mcgrath

Haleigh Mcgrath

27 years · Female · currently looking for a job


I am a person who likes adventure, looking for a place ASAP for me and my two guinea pigs who are caged. Their cages get cleaned every Wednesday. I am a responsible person who cleans after herself and animals. Also can be funny at sometimes loves animals.

Roommate looking in: Airdrie, AB.

Photo of Maxime


26 years · Female · Work from nine to five, Monday till Saturday


Hi!! I’m a 26 year old Dutch girl looking for a place to live in Airdrie. I will be working about 40 hours a week. I love cooking and hiking. I don’t have pets but I would not mind (at all!!) if you do.

Roommate looking in: Airdrie, AB.

Photo of Christopher Shearer

Christopher Shearer

30 years · Male · Ump, car detailer, car tuner, aish


I'm a nice guy. I'll always have rent. I'm out quite a bit looking around and what not, but of a crusader.

Roommate looking in: Airdrie, AB.

Photo of Renan lira

Renan lira

35 years · Male · Framing


I'm 35 years old Mexican respectful, clean, organized, quiet. I'm working Monday to Friday after that I like to work out. I don't do drugs, don't smoke, don't drink (maybe a beer on weekends) friendly I'm trying to find someone with the same habits and willing to keep our space clean and organize...

Roommate looking in: Panorama Hills Northwest Calgary, Calgary, AB, Airdrie, AB & Airdrie Meadows Southeast Airdrie, Airdrie, AB.

Photo of Princessshainty


29 years · Female · Hydroseeding


Hi! I just moved to area and am urgently needing a home. Just me, no kids, no pets. Working and going to school. I keep to myself and am very respectful. Thank you.

Roommate looking in: Airdrie, AB & Airdrie, AB.

Photo of Greg


58 years · Male · Delivery driver


I am easy going, tidy, respectful, quiet and enjoy life. I work full time so am out a lot.

Roommate looking in: Airdrie, AB.

Photo of Steve


43 years · Male · Oil and gas


Recently divorced male who is rebuilding his life. Employed full time with an 8 days on 6 days off schedule Wednesday to Wednesday, home everyday. Fun active person who enjoys team sports in the summer. Clean and quiet and enjoys good conversation.

Roommate looking in: Airdrie, AB.

Photo of Ntui


22 years · Female · Customer service rep


Well I am mostly quiet, but i also love to share different aspects of my day with a friend, I love movies, I respect others as well as their personal space and opinions...

Roommate looking in: Edmonton, AB, Red Deer, AB & Airdrie, AB.

Photo of Ariel


24 years · Female · Vendor


Im quiet keep to myself! Basically only play games/hang out with friends on discord!

Roommate looking in: Airdrie, AB.

Photo of Penny


55 years · Female · Retail/customer service


I’m a 55 yr old working female who has two very friendly and well trained dogs, 45lbs and 15lbs. I’m quiet, respectful of others and I don’t smoke, drink gamble or party. Those days are long gone for me…lol

Roommate looking in: Airdrie, AB & Airdrie, AB.

Photo of Lucas


28 years · Male · Fitness trainer/martial arts instructor


Hello, I'm a very down to earth and honest person. Non-smoker. I'm pretty introverted, quiet, don't party at all, love to live a healthy lifestyle, and keep my living area as clean as possible. Cleaning is a big part of my job so I'm proficient in keeping a house/apartment clean too. I'm a martial a...

Roommate looking in: Cliff Bungalow Glencoe, Calgary, AB, Parkhill, Calgary, AB, Rideau Park, Calgary, AB, Hillhurst, Calgary, AB & Sunnyside, Calgary, AB.


18 years · Female · I work in Customer Service/ am a supervisor at Co-op


I love meeting new people and developing new relationships. I am super easy going, tidy, and respectful.

Roommate looking in: Airdrie, AB.


44 years · Female · Health care worker


Quiet, introvert, female of African descent, looking for a quiet comfortable place with parking.

Roommate looking in: Airdrie, AB.

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