Photo of Lottie


18 years · Female · Rentals attendant


Hi! We are Lottie and Isla and we are moving to Banff to work as rental attendants in sunshine village. We are looking to rent a room for 6 months as we experience our first winter season in Banff! We have both worked in hospitality for 4 years, and are clean, tidy and respectful, and enjoy cooking!

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of Laura


26 years · Female · Working holiday


Hey! Me and my partner Lee are planning to move to Banff in early January. We are 26 & 27 from the UK. We’re a friendly, social and respectful couple.

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of Lauren

Lauren & Max

29 & 30 years · Couple · Lift Operators


Hello, I am 29 and my boyfriend Max is 30. We’re from England and have just completed a 15,000 mile road trip across the USA in our 36 year old Land Rover that Max rebuilt in England. It’s been a lifelong ambition to do a ski season, so at the ripe old age of 30 (and nearly 30...) we’re going for it...

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of Rose


27 years · Female · Social worker


Hello! My name is Rose and I am moving to Banff in October with my partner, Harry. We are from Australia and love snowboarding, hiking, surfing, and hanging out with mates :) We are planning on staying in Banff for our full 2 year visa and will be working in hospitality and retail. Looking forwa...

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of Tomona

Tomona & Taka

36 years · Couple · Department Manager


Hi! My name is Tomona and my husband is Taka. We are mid-30’ couple, and have been in Banff for 6 years. Our current house will be sold in October so we are looking for new place we can call home! I have to move out the current house by November but we are open to moving in new place earlier . Abou...

Roommate looking in: Canmore, AB & Banff, AB.

Photo of Taylah

Taylah & Jordan

24 & 26 years · Couple · Signwriter


We are couple from Australia. We currently own our own home in Alice Springs Australia and rent out our spare rooms to backpackers and travellers. We understand very well how a share house works and how to respect your home like it’s our own. We love a good chat but also enjoy our quiet time and wil...

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of Grace

Grace & Chris

26 years · Couple · Hospitality


We are both 26 coming from Liverpool. We are clean and respectful. When not in work we will be going on hikes and exploring the area.

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of Robin

Robin & Matt

22 & 25 years · Couple · Prep Cook


Hi! My boyfriend Matt and I are looking to re-locate to Banff for the winter season, possibly extending into summer. We both work in hospitality, and love skiing and the outdoors! I previously worked at Lake Louise as a ski instructor ☺️

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.


29 years · Female · IT


I am looking for a private room for me and my partner as we will be visiting your town for a short-term stay (less than a month).

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Isabella & Jojo

20 & 21 years · Females · Ski Instructor


We are both returning full time employees at Norquay, looking for clean quiet accom for the winter in Banff

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Anabel & Justine

17 & 18 years · Females · .


were two girls from Quebec, were moving to Vancouver for a few months to maybe a year We will be spending lots of time working, doing activities out of the house and skiing, we would be out and about most days. we can cook and clean, overall clean person, and were able to speak English rather well...

Roommate looking in: Blackcomb Benchlands, Whistler, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, BC, Whistler Creekside Whistler Creek, Whistler, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, BC, Vancouver, Metro Vancouver Regional District, BC, Whistler, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, BC & Banff, AB.

Photo of Brent

Brent & Saoirse

25 & 28 years · Couple · Manager


Back in Banff after a hiatus tree planting, looking to move into a room with my partner, I will be managing a department at one of the ski resorts and my partner is a server.

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of William & Madi

William & Madi & Madison

23 & 24 years · Couple · Digital Marketing


We are a young extroverted Aussie couple who are keen on moving to Banff or Canmore this July. We are both clean and very considerate people having both lived out of home in share homes previously. Oh, and nearly forgot to mention that we’re both very easy going people. Say hi 👋 & Send me a mes...

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB & Canmore, AB.

Photo of Ruddy

Ruddy & Daniela

30 & 38 years · Couple · Dishwasher


I am Chilean, I have two jobs and I want a quiet place to rest and have time with my girlfriend, I like nature and I love animals

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of Camila


36 years · Female · Tour leader


I am a traveler who loves to be in the nature. I am easy going, relax, and respectful of others.

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of Nick

Nick & Zoe

24 & 25 years · Couple · Carpenter


Hi, my girlfriend are looking for a room to rent in Banff from mid October for the snow season. We’ve lived together for the last 2 years with house mates. Clean, friendly, not party animals but don’t mind a social drink. Look forward to hearing from you.

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of Cherrinee

Cherrinee & Hyron

20 & 35 years · Couple · Two


Hey , my partner & I are looking for someplace to rent . He would mostly be stay at the place due to the job I work that causes me to live where I work . As a gentleman he can also help with stuff around the house & also help with other things you need help doing . We are very quiet people who keep...

Roommate looking in: Lake Louise, AB, Canmore, AB & Banff, AB.

Photo of Vikki

Vikki & Dean

22 & 25 years · Couple · Working


Hey There! My boyfriend and I are looking to work and live in the Banff/Canmore area. We have got working visas and are from New Zealand looking to be in the area early June. We are both tidy and respectful people who have a great mix of being social but also happy to do our own thing as well....

Roommate looking in: Canmore, AB & Banff, AB.

Photo of Peter


31 years · Male · Line cook


Me and my girlfriend are for 1 year in Banff. We're planning to stay couple years in Banff. We both work 5 days double in both jobs and we are going to hike somewhere through the free days. We are 90% outside of our time. We both non-smokers, no pets friendly, no parties. All what we need is just b...

Roommate looking in: Banff, AB.

Photo of Kimmo

Kimmo & Tuula

52 years · Couple · Development Director, Medical Doctor


Nature and frisbee golf loving couple 35 yrs together, easy going, silent, tidy, very good manners, never any problems. Have been living summers in Canmore for 3 times earlier.

Roommate looking in: Cochrane, AB, Banff, AB & Canmore, AB.

Photo of Mio

Mio & Hiroki

22 years · Couple · Server


We are looking for a sharehouse where couples can live together.We came from Japan on a working holiday.I love nature.I want to work and live in the land of Canmore and Banff, which are rich in nature.I think we are polite, gentle and clean among Japanese.I will keep the room clean and will not caus...

Roommate looking in: Canmore, AB & Banff, AB.

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