Photo of Robyn


29 years · Female · RECE


I am a working professional in my late 20s. I am an educator, I spend most of the weekdays outside home. My evenings are mostly quite which is why I value peaceful spaces. I love clean and organized spaces. I am pretty much laid back, friendly, love cooking and music. Open to anything just have to h...

Roommate looking in: Downtown, Toronto, ON & East York, Toronto, ON.

Photo of Chase


27 years · Female · Operations Manager


Hi everyone, I am 27 and looking for a roommate in the east end of Toronto because of a new job. I’m very clean, I love plants and enjoy hikes/walks. Personally, I am very clean and easy going! I would describe myself as very laid back and chill. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, hanging out with fr...

Roommate looking in: East York, Toronto, ON, Riverside-South Riverdale East End, Toronto, ON, East End, Toronto, ON & Leslieville East End, Toronto, ON.

Photo of Christene


28 years · Female · Prep cook


So first off I have 2 kittys I’m currently boarding and I would love to have them back with me. I’m looking for a room that would not discriminate my two little loves. My kitten is a year and a half now and her name is Jar Jar Binx she is spayed and my big boys name is Sebastian. He’s 4 and a big fl...

Roommate looking in: East York, Toronto, ON.

Photo of Kristen


29 years · Female · Nurse


Hello, i’m looking to either team up or find a room to rent. Looking to live in East york or midtown area. I’m a pretty outgoing person and tend to keep pretty busy. I’m a respectful and clean person. I have a friendly 2 year old goldendoodle named Apollo. If I’m not with my dog, I’m at the gym, out...

Roommate looking in: East York, Toronto, ON.

Photo of Quincy


24 years · Male · Arborist and animal worker


Hi my names Quincy. I’m a kind, clean and respectful guy. I skateboard, go out occasionally and watch movies during my free time. I also draw and sew. I love all types of animals, music, and art. Overall super chill and easy to get along with.

Roommate looking in: St. James Town Downtown, Toronto, ON, Scarborough Junction Scarborough, Toronto, ON, Birch Cliff Scarborough, Toronto, ON, Riverdale East End, Toronto, ON & Woodbine Gardens East York, Toronto, ON.

Photo of Agron


40 years · Male · Construction ,waiter


I am very easy going real clean ,hardworking work most of day ,just need a quit place to stay and sleep on my days of as long as there is no children in house thats why i am moving from my brothers basement apt to much noise from the kids pay 1200s can just moved from Boston were i just sold my half...

Roommate looking in: East York, Toronto, ON.

Photo of Kat


31 years · Female · Finishing and fabrication specialist


I'm a widowed adult working and rebuilding an independent life. I have employment lined up for my move. I can be quiet and keep to myself or be a social member of a household. I'm an anime and tabletop gaming nerd, I DM so I can be convinced to start up a campaign. I am a trans woman looking for acc...

Roommate looking in: East York, Toronto, ON.

Photo of Evan


30 years · Male · Film-maker, Podcaster, Full-time Order Packer at Mama Earth Organics


I am an introvert who gets along well with others (on the Autism spectrum). I am very passionate about film-making and all things creative. I also podcast for a hobby. I am pet-friendly and most animals tend to love me. Due to my work schedule I'm an early bird but always slip out the door withou...

Roommate looking in: East York, Toronto, ON.

Photo of Hazel


27 years · Female · Community Organizer and Illustrator


I am chill n quiet most of the time but love to be sociable when situation requires for it. Means I won’t bother you, and I can be your friend when you need me :) also whenever you're sad, 9/10 will watch a sad movie with you and cry with you and eat icecream if thats how u process ur emotions

Roommate looking in: Scarborough Junction Scarborough, Toronto, ON & East York, Toronto, ON.

Photo of Tara


20 years · Female · server, barista


I am a 20 year old female starting school at York U Glendon in January. I am very friendly, social, clean and respectful person to live with. I don't have any pets but I have a boyfriend who would visit me. I work full time right now until then. I am a very clean and friendly person. I like to go ou...

Roommate looking in: Leaside East York, Toronto, ON & East York, Toronto, ON.

Photo of Jojo


18 years · Female · Student


Hey! I'm Jojo, I'm a student in Centennial college studying graphic designing. I am overall an easy going person, I am respectful and enthusiastic, I am free spirited and a very positive person. My background is Congo and Angola but I've been raised in Canada my whole life, hope to find a roomate...

Roommate looking in: East York, Toronto, ON.

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