Photo of Berke


21 years · Male · Early childhood education student


Hello, I am 21 years old, I got approved from Algonquin College, I am looking for a room close to my university. I love animals. I have a quiet personality. I am trying to improve my English.

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Alicia


23 years · Female · Car lot attendant


i am a 23 year old female working fulltime at mercades benz car dealership. I am currently looking for a place for may 1. i do have a well behaved 1 year old spayed female dog, she is quiet and calm inside the house. she is crate trained (however if no one is home she may bark, if someone is home a...

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Luna Vee

Luna Vee

28 years · Other · Student


Hey guys, I'm 28 and I'm looking for a room or someone to team up and search for places with. I'm looking for an LGBT friendly space (baby transfemme here 2 months on hrt), and someone who's okay with pets. I come with bonuses in the form of a small dog and a little tiny kitty cat as well, they a...

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Michelle


29 years · Female · Airline Crew Transportation


I’m 29 years old looking to rent with at least 1-2 other people! I have a 4 year old Australian shepherd lab mix who comes with me wherever I go so you don’t have to worry about her being home alone. She’s very well behaved, calm, and friendly. I’m looking for a short term rental and willing to go u...

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Mike


54 years · Male · Retail Manager


I have an apartment to share. I work outside of town and only be here a couple evenings a week

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.


30 years · Female · Hybrid Worker


Looking for accommodations for the next couple years. I'm a responsible tenant who leaves the occasional mess, my dog is well trained and I do my best to clean up after him. Ideal situation is with a fellow dog lover, alcohol and drug free(except 420) While I enjoy my personal space I'm open to hang...

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Jakey


21 years · Male · ODSP


Hi! My name is Jake (I go by Jakey) and I am looking for a place to live!

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.


45 years · Male · Ssvdp


work at Ssvdp and Artist specializing in dark fantasy i practice in both digital and traditional mostly keep to self and very quit.

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Helen


41 years · Female · N/A


Hi, I am a quiet, very considerate and respectful person. I have a 8 year old quiet, well behaved friendly dog. I have excellent references if needed and I am a very responsible dog owner. I love art and nature. I am Covid-responsible and fully vaccinated. I am allergic to cats, so unfortunatel...

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Kylee


24 years · Female · Coach


Recently graduated from uOttawa and looking for roommate(s) to live in a townhouse together!

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.


27 years · Male · Contractor


Hey my name is Chris. Im friendly, but like to keep to myself and quiet. I don’t mind helping out around the place with chores. I have a dog named Doc. He is very friendly and rarely barks

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.

Photo of Farida


24 years · Female · Administrative Assistant


Heyy! I'm very musical and always down for karaoke and listening to music. My cute dog is currently 1.8 months (Jan 2024) I want to live with someone who can live with a dog and basically an animal lover. I'm clean and tidy but I also have my days when I'm mentally not doing my best. I'm VERY easy g...

Roommate looking in: Ottawa, ON.

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