LGBT+ or Gay housemates in West London, London, Middlesex County, ON

Photo of Lorraine

Lorraine & Ywlliane

38 & 40 years · Females · A student in their forties changing careers


I am a student who decided to change careers in my 40s, and I am happily married since 2021 to my beautiful wife Ywlliane (38), who is a full-time worker. We are looking for a place to call home. We are a quiet couple who believes that a clean place is a great place to be. If you have a home to shar...

Roommate looking in: London, Middlesex County, ON.

Photo of Kumar


25 years · Male · Graduate student at Western


I am a mathematics graduate student at Western. I am quiet and keep my place clean. I mostly keep to myself. I very rarely have guests over.

Roommate looking in: London, Middlesex County, ON.

Photo of Monika


21 years · Female · Work from home


I am a trans woman looking for a safe place to live in London ON with other kind and understanding roommates! I want to team up on a long-term lease with one or two other like-minded folks. I work from home and I keep to myself most of the time, so I am not likely to get in your way if you are study...

Roommate looking in: London, Middlesex County, ON.

Photo of Morgan (Alannah)

Morgan (Alannah)

22 years · Other · Disabled on ODSP


I'm a genderfluid person looking to move out of my current place in April of next year or as soon as I can find someone to take over my part of the lease. I mostly spend my time inside as I'm currently trying to fix my health and build skills towards getting a job within the tech industry. I try my...

Roommate looking in: London, Middlesex County, ON.

Photo of Ariel


19 years · Female · Working


I'm a young female looking to move from home with my cat, I'm a social person, I'm pretty clean and can also keep to myself pretty well.

Roommate looking in: London, Middlesex County, ON.

Yashvi Joshi, Prestine & Prestine

19, 19 & 24 years · Females · Student


We are a diverse group of girls from Kenya, Nigeria, and India, planning to shift in August. We're looking to connect with other female roommates to find a great place together. We're open to any cultural background and excited to make new friends. If you're interested, let's connect and create life...

Roommate looking in: Fanshawe, London, Middlesex County, ON & London, Middlesex County, ON.


19 years · Female · server


I’m 19, but i’ll be 20 when school starts. i’m going to kings for childhood and youth studies. i’m clean and can get along with anyone. i have no pets but have no problem with a pet in the house. :)

Roommate looking in: London, Middlesex County, ON.

Photo of Avery


21 years · Female · Tim Hortons, Maternity Leave


I'm a friendly and clean individual. I have an infant (almost a year old) and a social male cat (fixed). My budget is 800$ or 1950$ shared. I pay 700$ a month now while I stay with Family. Not including utilities. I'm hoping for a location near a bus stop, and amenities. If I sound like a good...

Roommate looking in: Brantford, County of Brant, ON, Newmarket, Regional Municipality of York, ON, St. Thomas, Elgin County, ON, Paris, County of Brant, ON & Sudbury, ON.

Photo of Nolan Barr

Nolan Barr

30 years · Male · Under water welder


I’m a clean and tidy 30 year old. I work full time as an under water welder. I travel for work so I will most likely be gone for half of each month every month.

Roommate looking in: London, Middlesex County, ON.

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