Single housemates in West London, London, Middlesex County, ON

Photo of Joanna


20 years · Female · Engineering Student


I am currently a 3rd year engineering student at Western and I generally spend a majority of my days on campus. I am a friendly individual who is clean and respectful of my surroundings and others' belongings.

Roommate looking in: West London, London, Middlesex County, ON.

James & Veornica

23 & 26 years · Couple · Administrative Assistant at BMO Centre


Hey! My girlfriend and I are currently looking to rent either a basement or an individual room (with preferably as few people living there as possible) for ourselves and our cat. We both recently graduated university and are currently working nearly full time. We are both very clean and keep the noi...

Roommate looking in: Oxford Park, London, Middlesex County, ON.

Photo of Sandra


24 years · Female · Student


I’m a cheerful and emphatic person. My hobbies include watching movies, listening to music (huge taylor swift fan), reading and painting. I love pets, can live around dogs and cats, specially if they are well behaved. Also I am organized, responsible and clean.

Roommate looking in: Oakridge, London, Middlesex County, ON.

Photo of Leticia


27 years · Female · plastic artist photography


Hello my name is Letícia I'm 27 years old 🏳️‍🌈I'm a photographer and plastic artist I love gardens and taking care of plants. I'm quiet and I like to make a chamomile tea, I appreciate cleanliness and organization and I'm homely and with R&b music and more acoustic styles. I'm single, I don't hav...

Roommate looking in: Central London, London, Middlesex County, ON & London, Middlesex County, ON.


21 years · Female · Student


I'm Johanna and I am an exchange student from Germany. I will arrive in London in late August (27nd) and I am still looking for a place to stay. Here some information about me: I am 21 years old and I study Economics and Sports. In my free time I like doing sports and cooking. I like to think of m...

Roommate looking in: Central London, London, Middlesex County, ON.

Photo of Valery


23 years · Female · Registered Massage therapist


I’m a young professional that is clean and tidy, respectful and generally easy going. To describe my personality I’m somewhat introverted and quiet, but I still love to socialize and connect with people. I just want to provide and live in a safe, peaceful home environment with a roommate that shares...

Roommate looking in: Downtown London, London, Middlesex County, ON & Central London, London, Middlesex County, ON.

Photo of Dave


50 years · Male · Facilities Contractor


Clean, quiet, organized 50 year old Male in need of a private space. Non smoker, no pets. Need a room, but will not be around during the day due to working hours.

Roommate looking in: East London, London, ON & London, ON.

Photo of Natalie


25 years · Female · Student/ Researcher


Hi😄 I’m a quiet girl with an MSc from western doing an accelerated nursing program, I like to be healthy, go to the gym, have fun once in a while, and am clean I’m looking for a roomate with a place with its own private bathroom, because of my schedule I will be working night shifts so I’m looki...

Roommate looking in: London, Middlesex County, ON.

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