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25 years · Male · Engineer


I'm a Spaniard who has recently relocated from Australia to work as an engineer in Toronto, so I bring an international perspective to the mix. I'm responsible and considerate, so you can count on me to keep things tidy and pay my share of the bills on time. I'm also a friendly and easygoing person...

Roommate looking in: Forest Hill Midtown, Toronto, ON, South Hill Midtown, Toronto, ON, Tarragon Village Midtown, Toronto, ON, The Annex Midtown, Toronto, ON & Yorkville Midtown, Toronto, ON.

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Poplar Plains Road, Midtown, ON

Unfurnished room in a townhouse

$1,350 inc.

About the House - It comes fully furnished. It's about 1400sq feet. 3 floors. It’s VERY clutter free. Feel free to bring Plants tho!! The bedroom right now comes with a huge dresser, there is a closet and more room below the stairs. . If you really need something else let me know!! The bedroom has a...

Room near: Casa Loma Midtown, Toronto, ON, Tarragon Village Midtown, Toronto, ON, Midtown, Toronto, ON, Rathnelly Midtown, Toronto, ON & South Hill, Toronto, ON.

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Madison Avenue, Midtown, ON

Furnished room in a house


The reason why I am moving out from this house is because I am moving in with a friend, but it's been almost a year I am living here and I really like it. I was so lucky to find this place when I was moving to Toronto. The room is really really spacious and all furnished EXCEPT FOR THE MATTRESS sinc...

About 0.4km from South Hill Midtown, Toronto, ON

Photo of Buket


20 years · Female · student


Hey! I'm looking for a place or someone friendly, if you need a roomie feel free to message me! My monthly budget is between 600-750. I'm a quiet, work-oriented person, but I can be fun when it comes to it. I respect personal space. Cleaning is important to me. I don't make noise at night. I'm open...

Roommate looking in: Rathnelly Midtown, Toronto, ON, Rosedale Midtown, Toronto, ON, Summerhill Midtown, Toronto, ON, St. James Town Downtown, Toronto, ON & Upper Jarvis Downtown, Toronto, ON.

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